By the time you’ve read this, a Centrum Guardian will have saved a life…

Michael CallowIn the time that it takes you to finish reading this post a Centrum Guardian will have saved at least one life. Now if you’ve ever been in a dangerous life and death situation, you know exactly how your appreciation for time changes. If you have been fortunate enough not to find yourself in a bind, now you know that a guardian is always on call. 

A guardian by definition is a person who protects or defends something. In the case of the Centrum Guardians it is spot on. If the definition also included quantifying a person who pushes their body and mind every day with the sole aim of saving a life then Centrum Guardians encapsulate that. After watching the videos of the four finalists for the Centrum Guardians 2015 title, I have a renewed appreciation for all that can happen in 5 minutes. Knowing that there is an individual that will put your life before theirs is quite the humbling realization.

To know that there is a fraternity of such individuals makes me proud. Centrum Guardians perform at their peak just for the reward of saving a life. There is an adage used among the emergency and rescue personnel that is they will “die twice to bring you back alive”. If that is not a true show of sacrifice and courage, I don’t know what is. To have a purpose that in its essence serves the needs of others is not only commendable but also worthy of recognition and admiration.

This is why Centrum Guardians is important as an initiative. Not only do people get exposure to the fantastic work that is done in this industry but Centrum also makes sure that there is active sponsorship towards learning more about all the new developments in technology in the emergency and rescue fields. It is difficult enough to keep up with the technologies that seem to rule our lives, imagine then how great it would be that professionals learn firsthand on new tools that will ultimately save lives. These brave men and women are always eager to learn about more effective ways to be prepared enough to save our lives.

Pay it forward. Watch the videos and vote: www.centrumguardians.comCentrum Guardians

Joe Crann

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