Meet The Girl With The Longest Legs In America

Ex-Varsity Volleyball player turned swimwear model officially has the longest legs in the USA! Her name is Lauren Williams and her legs measure an insane 124.5 cm/49 inches, and she also happens to be a cool 6ft4.

She said: ‘It’s interesting to me that this is a title I now hold. Pretty regularly I have people comment on how tall I am or how longs my legs are. I don’t recall a time when I realised I had such long legs, it was just always something about me. Most of my friends and family members are very excited about my title – they are always commenting on how lucky I am.’

As with most crazy-tall people, it’s all in the genes – her father, mother and twin sisters are all 6ft or taller. She also wears a size 10 shoe… which makes my feet feel like fairy feet at size 6.


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