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I’m hoping that this post is helpful for you in some way, regardless of whether you’re an influencer, a brand, or even someone just starting out a baby blog. I’m been working with Webfluential pretty much since their inception, and it has honestly been amazing to watch them grow over the past year or so. I’ve always been a massive advocate of Webfluential because of the way that they’re able to protect both the client/brand and the influencer. They’ve now expanded and launched a tool that i’m sure will positively affect the industry in South Africa for good!

It is also worth taking a moment to pause and reflect on how far “social media” has come in the past few years and to remember (as a brand and as an influencer) that it’s so important to maintain your integrity. To the influencers, don’t accept jobs from brands that you don’t like or don’t or wouldn’t actively support in your day-to-day life. I have turned down countless jobs with brands that i don’t feel an affinity towards, and honestly it’s much better that way… for you as well as your followers. You don’t want to become a never-ending tweeting billboard. To the brands/agencies, pick your influencers with care… and hold them accountable for the work they do. Webfluential allows you to do that, so use it often ;)

So what is Booked By Webfluential?

Essentially it allows influencers to get briefs directly from brands via their websites or Webfluential media kits. It also guarantees the influencer payment for every booking, it automates reporting, and also provides a one-on-one chat feature for the influencer to collaborate with the brand. It’s also the first in the world to do this, and it’s local… how amazing?

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As an influencer, how can you get started? (skip to STEP 3 if you’re already on Webfluential)


Sign up to Webfluential as an influencer, you can do that here: JOIN [it’s free and 100% legit]


Create a Media Kit for yourself, so brands know who you are and what you’re into :)


Search for the “Booked By Webfluential” plugin on WordPress, and install it.



This is what it’ll look like on your site. I created a separate page called “Book Me” and now i can manage my own bookings directly with brands! Both myself and the band have the safety and security of knowing that there is an independent 3rd party who will make sure that the campaign is handled correctly and professionally.

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There are so many extra bits i could say about this tool, but i would be here all day. So i’ll give you the highlights package:

–>It’s free and simple to install
With this easy-to-use WordPress plugin, you can take bookings anywhere, any time, from any brand

–>Show you mean business
It’s the credibility you deserve. Brands gets a professional quote from you instantly when they use your booking form

–>We’ll help you price your work
Set your own rates, or use pricing suggestions from Webfluential

–>Get paid, on time, no hassles
No more following up on invoices; all jobs booked through Webfluential come with a payment guarantee

–>Better collaboration
Use the Chat Room feature to one-on-one with brands about creative elements, timings and other questions

–>Reporting made easy
You don’t have to spend time gathering stats and page views. Post-campaign reporting is automatic

–>Everything in one place
Being an influencer has never been this easy – all your bookings, briefs, reports and payments are in one place

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