Sisters With Blisters


The 11th annual 1st For Women Sisters with Blisters walk kicked off exactly a day after the start of 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children. About 5000 men and women, all dressed in pink, took the streets to lend their voice to the protest against women and child abuse.

According to 1st For Women, South Africa actually has one of the highest rates of violence against women in the world and on average, 3 women are killed daily by an intimate partner! 3 a day, that’s an insane number, right? Even though the walk itself was full of love, and smiles, and laughter, it’s all in support of a very serious cause. Every single person that entered Sisters With Blisters might have been dressed up in tutus, balloons, and glitter, but they were fully aware how important this issue is in South Africa, and that standing together is the only way forward.


Did you know that The Department of Justice has estimated that 1 out of every 4 South African women are survivors of domestic violence. In 2014/2015, it’s estimated that 563 841 sexual offences occurred but only 62 649 sexual offences were reported. 8 174 of these sexual offences cases went to court, and only 1% of these cases resulted in a conviction. These are not numbers to be proud of. We have so much beauty in our country, but also so much pain. It’s important that we acknowledge our problems, and take an active stand against them.

How do 1st For Women play a role in all of this? Well, the 1st for Women Foundation was established back in 2005 with one clear objective: to uplift and inspire women of South Africa. In the 11 years that they’ve been running, they have remained dedicated to this cause. As of this year, the Foundation has donated over R49 million to a few different women-related charity organisations that focus on two main causes: violence against women, and cervical cancer.


I love companies that really walk the walk and talk the talk. It’s one thing to say that you’re dedicated to making a difference, and it’s another thing entirely to actually make a difference… and I think 1st For Women have managed to do just that. Take a look at their website for more information, and to see the charities that benefit from this amazing project: 1st For Women Foundation