By the time you’ve read this, a Centrum Guardian will have saved a life…

Michael CallowIn the time that it takes you to finish reading this post a Centrum Guardian will have saved at least one life. Now if you’ve ever been in a dangerous life and death situation, you know exactly how your appreciation for time changes. If you have been fortunate enough not to find yourself in a bind, now you know that a guardian is always on call.  Continue Reading

Centrum Guardians: Michael Callow – Bulletproof

If your life is anything like mine, it seldom involves finding yourself in the middle of an active shootout. With every bullet shot, I would imagine the amount of panic and mayhem increases and it seems like there is nothing you can possibly do. There isn’t much you could do, not unless you called on South Africa’s world-renowned emergency and rescue services.

Michael Callow - Bulletproof

Michael Callow – Bulletproof

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Every Moment Matters – SuperSport

It’s that time of the football season again when we reach crescendo. Trophies are lifted, targets are achieved, tears are shed and lots of money is made by those that come out on top. There’s a reason that we call it the ‘Business End’ of the season.

One thing that I love about South Africa is the football coverage that we get here. SuperSport bring us practically every league that matters, and you can legitimately plonk yourself down in front of the television on a Saturday morning and not leave until it’s dark. The coverage is that vast.

Now, with Kaizer Chiefs, Chelsea, Barcelona and Juventus all having completed their Quest for the Title, the battle is on to claim the highest league finish possible in the Hunt for Qualification, or to make sure that you beat the Drop for Relegation.

I’ve genuinely enjoyed watching this season, whether it be Chiefs’ ridiculous unbeaten run, Chelsea’s tactical mastersclasses or the sheer beauty of Barcelona at their best, and no doubt there are more twists to come.

It’s going to be an interesting few weeks in the football world, and SuperSport have got you covered every inch of the way, because Every Moment Matters.

Every Moment Matters

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WIN Tickets For The Harlem Globetrotters In SA

I played basketball when I was a kid. I was never anything special, but I wasn’t bad and my school actually managed to get into the finals of a tournament in my city at one stage, I liked playing and it was the Harlem Globetrotters that I liked watching the most.

I’d spend ages watching them online, but was never lucky enough to actually get to watch them play, however that is all going to change in July :D

Harlem Globetrotters Anyway… Long story short, I’ve got two tickets to giveaway for one of the nights that the Globies are here, so you and a mate can go watch their basketball madness free of charge :)

To enter the competition is simple, just tweet me saying:

“Hey @YesWeCrann, I want go and watch the @GlobetrottersSA strut their stuff in *Insert preferred city here*! #GlobetrottersSA”

Heres a bit of what they do…

I can promise you that these guys put on one helluva show, and whether you see the Globies in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban, I know you’re going to have a great night!

*Competition closes at 17h00 on Friday May 15th*

Club 45 – Football Education Giving Back

In July, South Africans who want to work in the footballing world will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business as Club 45 brings psychology and management courses to Mzansi.

Both courses will take place at Wits’ Sports Conference Centre in Johannesburg, with a chunk of all the proceeds going towards funding youth development projects in South Africa.

Leading football psychologist, Dan Abrahams, and Diego Valdes, a vastly experienced sports communication and marketing executive consultant, will be conducting the courses on July 6th-7th and 28th-30th.Club 45 Continue Reading

30,000 – Shelflife Help Me Thank You!

30,000!? I cannot believe that 30,000 people (give our take a few hundred bots) actually care about what I have to say. It’s madness.

I came to South Africa a few years ago with about 120 followers and literally zero reputation. Now, thanks a whole heap of tweets and a bit of graft I’ve managed to hit an amount that I never thought possible, and that, my friends, is all because of you lot. And I wanted to say thanks.

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Air Max Zero – The One Before The One

When Tinker Hatfield drew inspiration from the Pompidou Centre in Paris and designed the Air Max 1, we were all led to believe that it was the first of it’s kind. But it wasn’t… There was one before the One. This year, on the anniversary of 1987 classic, Nike brought it to life. Air Max Zero.

Air Max Zero

If you asked most people to name a modern day trainer I’m pretty sure the bulk of people would go for the Air Max. I’m also pretty sure that most people with even a minor interest in sneakers has, at some stage in their life, wanted a pair. It may have been the 1s, or the 90s, or the 95s, but somewhere along the line there’s been an Air Max for you. Continue Reading

Stock Up As We Countdown To Air Max Day!

Nike Air Max Day is almost upon us, and if you’re a sneaker freak you need to make sure you head through to The Alexander Theatre in Braamfontein!

Nike Airmax March 2015-29

Look, I love my trainers. Ever since I wasn’t able to afford kicks like the Air Max I’ve wanted to own them. Now that I’m earning my own money and actually can afford them it’s become somewhat of a hobby for me. So when Nike and the wonderful guys over at Shelflife asked if I’d like to come through to an Air Max exhibit in Jozi, obviously my answer was, erm, yeah!

For me, the Air Max is the most significant trainer in my life. It was the one that I always wanted as a kid but couldn’t get. I couldn’t get them for two reasons. Firstly, they were too expensive and my mother was having none of it. Secondly, they were EXTREMELY chavvy. I had a reputation to uphold.

Honestly though, I’m not sure there is a trainer that has become such a cult classic. They’re still making the Air Max 1s and Air Max 90s exactly as they were when it was first made, and the reason you’ll never find them on sale is simply because there’s no need. They will sell whether they’re full price or not. The demand is that high.

Nike Airmax March 2015-44

25 PSI? What’s that?
For those of you that don’t know, PSI stands for Pounds Per square Inch, and it’s what pressure is measured in. 25 PSI is the amount of air pressure in the Air Max bubble :)

Why the bubble?
Air Max designer, Tinker Hatfield, was passing through Paris during the 80s and was inspired by the George Pompidou Centre, a building with an ‘inside out’ feel about it. He decided that he wanted to make a trainer that you could see inside, a trainer that pushed boundaries. So he designed the Air Max like the Pompidou. See-through.

Nike Airmax March 2015-64

Anyway, you can head through to the Alex Theatre and check out some INCREDIBLY rare Air Max kicks from over the years, learn a bit about the history of arguably the most recogniseable trainer on the planet, and also take a look at the biggest collection of Air Maxs ON THE CONTINENT.

I went, and I bought a new pair (as did my girlfriend), and I promise you that the guys at the pop-up Shelflife store there have something for you too. Seriously, the range they have is simply superb. Girls, guys, subtle, wild. Whatever you want, they’ve got.

Nike Airmax March 2015-21

The Shelflife store and Air Max exhibit is open Tuesday – Friday (12h00 – 21h00) and on Saturdays (10h00 – 18h-00), and I thoroughly recommend that you make a plan to head through at some stage. It’ll be well worth it.

Nike Airmax March 2015-20

Air Max Day is on March 26th, so make sure you’ve got a fresh pair to wear on the most sacred day in the sneaker calendar ;)

New Era Hat Giveaway!

Look, we all have little hobbies. We all have certain types of clothes/accessories that we wear, and I’m not going to lie, I love myself a cap. I’ve collected some weird and wonderful New Eras over the years, and now I want to help start or add to your collection :) #FlyYourOwnFlag.

Basically, I’m about to break the 27,000 follower mark on Twitter and the lovely folks over at New Era South Africa have given me three caps to give away (they retail at about R400 each), and all you have to do to find out how, is look below…

New Era Competition - How to win...

New Era Competition – How to win…

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