Capture The Moment – Win A Geco Cam

A while ago, Steph and I met a couple of young South African dudes that had basically created their version of a super-portable video camera. They showed us how it worked, gave us one to mess around with for a bit, and you know what? It’s really very cool.

So basically the Geco cam is the world’s first action camera that you can mount onto a pair of glasses. Basically, what that means is that it’s 100% handsfree, and is directly in line with your eyes, meaning that it sees exactly what you see.

Also, and another plus to the device, is that it weighs next to nothing (20 grams to be exact), so you can take it anywhere with you and adapt it to pretty much every situation.


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Who Is South Africa’s Best Network?


I’ve been in Europe for about 3 weeks or so, and i thought that amongst all of the culture, history and exciting adventures, i would *at the very least* have excellent cellphone/data coverage to match. This is the “1st World” after all! I will say, that Ireland has the most amazing coverage and deals i have ever experienced in my life – but England, Belgium and the Netherlands leave a lot to be desired. Coverage is spotty, calls take forever to connect (even when you’re calling local numbers), and data is pretty damn expensive too. It honestly made me rethink our offering in South Africa.

I read some pretty interesting information recently about who is considered South Africa’s “Best Network”, and the answer doesn’t surprise me in the least – Vodacom. You might be wondering how this is judged… there are a few specific categories where the best performing network can be objectively selected, and Vodacom consistently came out on top.

Here are some of the categories where Vodacom took first prize: 

South Africa’s Fastest Mobile Network

South Africa’ s Best Mobile Internet Experience

South Africa’s Best Mobile Network for video downloads

South Africa’s Biggest Network with the most towers

100% Internet Coverage on all SA’s freeways

Network with fewest dropped calls

I realize that we still have a long way to go in terms of a lot of things in South Africa, mobile included, but Vodacom has embarked on a mission to “change the game” locally. This means that, in the long run, Vodacom is trying to forge the way forward when it comes to mobile networks! I feel like their new Change The Game campaign means that they’re committed to offering the best across a multitude of elements.

Let’s raise a glass to the best South African network – Vodacom!

Let me know what you think of Vodacom’s new Slaap Tiger ad:

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 08.23.17

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Add Hope During World Hunger Month

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 11.28.53 AM

About a week or so ago i tweeted about KFC’s awesome Add Hope initiative that is now able to feed 70 000 children in South Africa a month. I must be honest, i wasn’t sure how many people were really adding R2 onto their KFC orders, and whether the money was actually going to the right places, i’m extremely happy to see that people are donating and the money is actually ending up with the children. I wasn’t the only one impressed with the stats, or surprised at how well KFC have been doing with their campaign, so i thought i’d elaborate a little more on what KFC are actually doing, and why.

Seeing as today is World Food Day the rad people over at KFC wanted to show you some of the children whose lives have been improved by those tiny R2 donations. At the end of the day, R2 is really not that much if you can afford to eat at KFC in the first place… but to these children, that R2 is the difference between having 1 meal during the day and not eating at all.

Throughout World Hunger Month KFC are trying to push for more South Africans to commit to Adding Hope every time they make an order. They have created a website to profile some of the children that they’ve been helping and to also ask these kids what’s important to them. These kids in the video are absolutely adorable! Even they know that food is a very basic necessity for growing children who are expected to learn and play at school.

Can you believe that 3,165 million children in South Africa live with household hunger? Malnutrition is associated with more than half of all childhood deaths in our country. It’s a scary and overwhelmnig statistic. It’s easy to feel helpless. So why don’t you Add Hope the next time you order at KFC :)

They’ve already raised over R210 million over the last 6 years, and currently feed over 70 000 children every month, like i mentioned before. I’m not sure what the stats are on how many people are actually adding the R2 to their orders, but i’m sure its nowhere near 50%. Imagine if every 2nd person at KFC Added Hope! Think of all the children we could be feeding!

Just in case you’re wondering where your money will be going, these are the reputable organizations that help KFC feed those 70 000 children every month:


Dance Moms! 5 Days And Counting!

Last week I let you know that Lifetime is launching this month on DStv and they are showing Dance Moms. So there goes my social life for the next few weeks…

They’re starting it off on Season 1, obviously, which suits me fine, because the only S1 footage I’ve been able to see so far is what. Is available on the Lifetime youtube channel. I comparison to the following seasons, it is a bit rough. Reminiscent of Toddlers and Tiaras, but Dance Moms really falls into a groove towards the end of S1 and from Season 2 onwards, it’s pure magic. I’m sure Lifetime will broadcast all seasons once it gets going in SA.


In preparation for the first episode and season, here are a couple of cool things I picked up during my Dance Moms addiction (if you don’t know any of these names, you will very shortly):


Abby Lee Miller began her self-named company at age fourteen! Her mom was a dance teacher too, but admittedly employed a very different teaching style.


Neither the Dance Moms nor their daughters are paid to be on the show. Which baffles me.


The girls dance between 12 – 18 hours a week! And THAT is why I call them professionals. These kids have dedication and resolve that I haven’t ever seen in the majority of people I meet. Myself included.


Abby Lee Miller was bankrupt before Dance Moms, and was about to shutter studio down. She is a heinous human being, but that studio was her dream, and I am happy for her that she didn’t have to see that die.


The show is edited, but not scripted. So this is NOTHING like the majority of reality tv we are fed these days. I’ve seen numerous interviews with the moms and kids, and they all say the same thing: there are absolutely no scripts. What you see is coming from the individual person, not from a producer cooking up drama in a room somewhere.


Here’s what you can expect:


Book the couch, grab your popcorn, and tune into DStv, channel 131 on 22 July at 19:10 for the premiere. Can’t wait!