Supercar FAILS.

Just because you’re rich enough to buy a supercar does NOT mean that you’re smart enough to drive it. I literally watched this entire video with my hand over my mouth and cringing all the way through. Some of these guys were just plain old run-of-the-mill stupid, but some of them are so fucking ridiculously idiotic that they could never be smart enough to have earned their own money to buy these cars… in other words – spoilt rich kids with not a brain cell to share between them. ARGH!

I feel sorry for the cars most, they deserve owners that will treat them with the respect and reverence they deserve!

ULTIMATE Segway Fails Compilation


Segway’s are hilarious, besides the fact that we associate them with fat Americans who don’t want to walk around and Mall Cops, they really are super amazing. I was lucky enough to go on a segway tour through the winelands at Spier – and it’s something i would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone… they do however take you through a little training before they allow you on the beasts.

The ‘problem’ with segways is that they’ll carry on moving as long as you hold on to the handle part…. and whichever way the handle is pointing, it will move in that direction – with force. This is why you’ll see people run over by segways after they’ve already fallen off. In fact, at Spier, my other half got a little too ambitious with his segway and is now one of the VERY FEW people to have ever fallen off a segway tour at Spier and the only one to have actually ridden himself over with it too.

Regardless, i still want one.