Up The Creek 2015 – Full Lineup Announced

Jägermeister presents Up the Creek 2015

/// 29 January – 1 February 2015 ||| 25th Birthday – Party like you own it! \\\

The line up for 2015 is absolutely fantastic, as we’ve come to expect from Up The Creek:

Zebra & Giraffe, Taxi Violence,  Beatenberg , AKING, Dave Ferguson, Bye Beneco, Shortstraw, Hot Water, The Black Cat Bones, The Kiffness, The Ballistics, Stoker, Red Huxley, Scicoustic, Piet Botha & The Lyzyrd Kyngs, Gerald Clark, Mean Black Mamba, Manny Walters, Basson Laubscher, John Wizards, Al Bairre, Christian Tiger School, Gateway Drugs, Manouche, Grassy Spark, Nomadic Orchestra, December Streets, Shaun Jacobs Band, Diamond Thug, Bandelero, Qadasi, Sawagi (JPN) and Kite Rider.

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Nude Man Found In Forest 4 Days After Tomorrow World Festival


Casey Sanders, a hunter from around the Atlanta, Georgia area found a nude dude aimlessly wandering around in a forest. The guy looked a little worse-for-wear, was very confused and couldn’t remember how he had gotten there. Casey, the hunter, handled the situation very well, making sure he asked the man all the essential questions (to make sure he wasn’t a psycho i assume) and then discovered that the guy vaguely remembered being at the TomorrowWorld Music Festival, which was held four freaking days before, relatively nearby! He said he survived on rotten apples and water from the creek bed.

I must say, i do have quite a few questions for the nude dude after watching this video: What kind of drugs did you take that made you forget which state you’re in? Why, exactly, are you completely starkers? Lastly, are you part man part bear… because how did you survive for 4 days naked in the wilderness?! Did you sleep most of the time?

Check it out:

Casey has also been getting a lot of criticism as to how he handled the situation at first, this is what he had to say: “I know I was confrontational at first, but what you don’t see is the hour after that of me getting him to safety. I mean I did save his life and I didn’t call the cops. Sorry I wasn’t so trusting to random stranger naked in the creek out in the middle of the woods who couldn’t differ a dream from reality. I didn’t exactly have a script in my head of this is what I will do when I find a naked man in a creek.”