Find out which words are as old as you according to Oxford English Dictionary

It’s 2015 – the year in which the word ‘twerk’ was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. We should be very proud of ourselves. Although, judging by previous years, it might not even be the worst.

Oxford English Dictionary now has a “birthday word generator” which tells you what words originated (or were added to the dictionary) in your birth year. You can now find words with a first known usage for each year from 1900 to 2004.

Follow the link, and select the relevant decade and click on your birth year to discover a word which entered the English language that year.

For example, crowd-surfing was first used in 1989, around the time groups like Guns n Roses and Bon Jovi were popular (where crowd surfing was a regular occurrence). Then there’s Podcast in 2004 – which came only three years after the release of the first iPod… Bling was coined in 1999, we can definitely blame that one on Ali G i think.

Find the full interactive infographic here: OED Birthday Word Generator 

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Topless Tuesday… sort of

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that every Tuesday I go on a scavenger hunt of sorts across the net to find some of the very best images that will hopefully help you get through an otherwise boring work day. On my hunt this week – i found something that i don’t think i’ll ever be able to unsee!

Today, i present to you, the perfect Topless Tuesday. Make your own assumptions as to what is going on here… HAHA!


Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake – Summer Camp

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have already teamed up once before to play these particular pre-teens at summer camp. They’re back with a 3rd installment – and i couldn’t be happier. This time around they take on “Jumper” by Third Eye Blind. Amazing.

Here’s the second installment, equally hilarious. The song is pure class:

Here’s the one that kicked it all off… the boys sing Toto’s “Africa”:

Youtuber ‘Angry Black Man’ Burns Ex’s Stuff In A Forest

He calls himself the ‘Angry Black Man’, and he is damn hilarious. Apparently he went through a breakup last year and has finally decided that it was high time to throw all of his ex’s shit away. However, because he is Angry Black Man, throwing it away isn’t enough – he decided to cover a drum in lighter fluid and set fire to it all. There are quite a few amazing one-liners in this video…

“You see what happens when you eat another bitch’s cheesecake?!”

Jimmy Fallon, Seth Rogen & Zac Efron As Teenage Girls

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is possibly the funniest thing you’ll see this week! Jimmy Fallon ropes in Seth Rogen and Zac Efron to help him do a bit of a parody of Nickolodeon Teen shows.

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 3.57.00 PM

The weirdest thing about this entire sketch, is that Zac Efron actually makes the most unbelievable teen girl… Seth and Jimmy are sort of believable somehow. You’d think Seth Rogen’s lush beard and deep voice (that he doesn’t even attempt to change) would make him seem less like your average white girl, but it really is Zac Efron’s arms that scream, “I am a fully grown man dressed in drag as a teenage girl.”

The funniest parts are when the threesome try to keep it together when the “step-dad” comes downstairs… and Jimmy Fallon’s strange teen girl accent.

Porsche Test Drive Gone Wrong – Joburg Edition

What really makes this video is the running commentary from the boet/oke/boytjie filming the whole thing. At first, you can tell that he’s just admiring the Porsche, but the admiration soon turns to something else way more entertaining. “Oooooooooohhhhhww Maah Weeeehhhd! Thaaht izzaaah SHIT ONE!” I want this dude to narrate my life!

The Youtube comments are GOLD! This poor boet has been called everything from “African Guido” to “DUDEBRO”… but most people think the accent is worth more than the footage.

Chatroulette Guy Is Back!

This man wins the internet! Apparently Chatroulette is still a thing. At least, it is for the infamous Chatroulette Guy who made one of the best viral videos the Internet has ever seen when he performed “Call Me Maybe” to randoms on the site.


He’s back with his unique and artistic take on Miley Cyrus’ latest hit “Wrecking Ball.”  He’s got a sledgehammer, red lips, a luscious beard, zero shame, and has an exercise ball attached to his ceiling.

Trust me, you have not seen a video this funny in a long time: